Jay Scheib’s production of “Powder her Face” Reviewed

Reviews of Jay Scheibs Powder her Face

“at the end, the ovations were long and loud…”
New York Times


“For dauntlessness, it will be hard to top “Powder.”
Wall Street Journal


“Jay Scheib’s wickedly smart NYCO staging is not for prudes. At one point, Her Grace’s robin’s-egg hotel room swarms with some two dozen young men in the altogether, and hardly a minute goes by without couplings of some variety getting under way. What’s more, a camera operator (Chelsey Blackmon) shoots much of the action, including drug use and earthier activities in a mirrored loo, which the audience sees simultaneously in the flesh, as it were, and as large-scale video projections.”
The Classical Review


“… the combined efforts of director Jay Scheib, the set and costume designers, and the incredible performers creates a rare and surreal experience. Last year, Michael Grandage’s lackluster production of Don Giovanni put me to sleep; during Powder Her Face I was perched on the edge of my seat, hoping the story of the Dirty Duchess would never end.”


“Kudos, too, to Sunday’s audience, which observed all this debauchery with hardly a snicker before exploding in bravos for cast and director. With a public this discerning, there’s hope yet for the troubled NYCO.”
New York Post


“A witty score, a brace of brave performances, and plenty of stylish directing make it a satisfying theatrical experience that will both tickle and challenge you. A nonsinging chorus of 25 naked men doesn’t impede its watchability either.”

“If opera were to move along the path blazed by “Powder Her Face” and deliver additional sexy, funny, fresh, surprising, and youthful works—in other words, use buff operas to create opera buffs—it might have a bright and vital future.”


“An irresistible, funny and sad production of Thomas Adès’s outrageous first opera, Powder Her Face.”


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