David Deveau with the Boston Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players

Two Reviews of a performance by pianist David Deveau with the BSO Chamber Players at Jordan Hall on Sunday, April 29.

Boston Musical Intelligencer
David Patterson

“With David Deveau, the Chamber Players elevated the Brahms Trio in A Minor, Opus 114 to indescribable eloquence.”

” I could have sat through yet another performance right there, on the spot.”

“It might be said that the four BSO string players, Martinson, Ansell, Eskin, and Barker, and the six BSO wind players, Rowe, Ferrillo, Hudgins, Svoboda, Sommerville, and Nordstrom, along with pianist David Deveau, fashioned a veritable tonal treasure trove as beautiful and moving as was April’s last Sunday in 2013.”












Boston Classical Review
Keith Powers

“The players shared a genial interaction throughout, mimicking the quality of the interplay in the score.”


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