Faust Film Screening Tonight!

faustTonight at 7pm, is the Film Screening of FAUST, a 1926 Silent Film by F. W. Murnau with Live Musical Accompaniment, created and performed by Ellen Harris, soprano, and Martin Marks, piano. 

7pm, Friday, October 25, 2013,   Killian Hall. Free admission.

Faust is a visually lavish and mesmerizing film. Director Murnau was at the height of his powers when he made it, and his cast included several fine German actors—most notably Emil Jannings in the role of Mephistopheles. Murnau’s version departs from Goethe’s in many respects, though the director does follow Goethe fairly closely in telling much of the “Gretchen” part of the story. To accompany the the film, film music expert Martin Marks has compiled a wide array of 19th-century pieces, including vocal works by Schubert, Schumann, Berlioz, Rossini, Brahms, and Humperdinck. Intermixed with these are incidental “mood” pieces that were commonly used in the twenties to accompany silent films. Marks has worked closely with Ellen Harris to make the vocal selections an integral part of the score, in a way that deepens the film’s tragic power.

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