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Ancient Wars, Gender Bending And Two Lears

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A scene from director Jay Scheib’s ‘Platonov, or The Disinherited.’ Photo: Jim Carmody
‘Platonov, or The Disinherited’

The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St.
(212) 255-5793 x11, Opens Wednesday, thekitchen.org

Jay Scheib is one of the more interesting contemporary theater artists innovating with new technologies. In his February production of “Powder Her Face” for New York City Opera, areas of onstage action were shot and projected live, giving us new angles—literally—to the story, with detailed close-ups that an enormous stage could not have delivered. In the case of his new work, “Platonov,” there are two shows—the one happening onstage at the Kitchen and the live shooting and editing of that performance which will broadcast simultaneously at BAM, AMC Empire 25, MIT and the Roxie with the San Francisco Film Society. The source material he’s working with is an early Chekhov play about all things Chekhovian: loss, despair, impending doom.

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