David Deveau and the Longwood Symphony preview

From The Boston Musical Intelligencer’s preview and interview with Longwood Symphony music director Ronald Feldman:

Tell us about your collaborative history with pianist David Deveau and how you chose to invite him to play the Emperor Concerto.

When I engage a soloist I ask for concerto preferences. David was partial to the Emperor. It’s a monumental concerto, one I was very happy to program! The first movement alone is a meal in itself, if you will excuse the culinary metaphor. It is what I call an anchor piece, in other words a work that is part of the core of the symphonic repertory.

All throughout my professional life I have collaborated with many artists, composers, pianists, string players, wind players, conductors, etc. I have had the very good fortune to work with David on many occasions. He’s been my soloist and chamber music collaborator many times over the years. In short, David is a maestro. He is a wonderful pianist, a complete musician. Tradition, historical context, musical knowledge and anecdotes are all a part of working with David. We always have great fun putting things together and then celebrating the aftermath.

We’re going to put on a nice show on Saturday!


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