Keeril Makan work reviewed at Tanglewood

keerilmakan.sachs-1New York Times:

…a concert that also featured Keeril Makan’s “2” (1998), a dazzling duet for violin (Jordan Koransky) and percussion (Joseph Kelly) that began with stark unison attacks. Gradually morphing in pitch, color and speed, the muscular yet subtle work ended in a blaze of noise, alternating groans and screeches, with Mr. Koransky making high static, and Mr. Kelly bowing the edge of a metal sheet.

Boston Globe:

Sound dominated Saturday’s concert, beginning with Keeril Makan’s extraordinary, arresting “2,” a 1998 violin-percussion duo of grim, glinting ecstasy, the rites superbly performed by Jordan Koransky and Joseph Kelly.

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