Parking in Cambridge and Boston is generally not an enjoyable experience. Whenever possible, park your car at the hotel at which you are staying, and use public transportation to get to the MIT campus. If you must drive to the campus, there is both on- and off-street parking available, but most public parking is not very close to the center of the MIT campus (unless you arrive early in the morning or late in the evening).

There is metered parking on Massachusetts Avenue for short stays and evenings/weekends, as well as a number of lots at which you may park for a fee.

Public Parking Facilities

The following public parking facilities are in the MIT area and may be used by vendors, visitors and others who have business with MIT, but who do not have an MIT parking permit.

One Memorial Drive Garage

(Entrance is on Memorial Drive)
Questions? Call 617-621-1238

245 Riverview Garage

(Entrance is on First Street)
Questions? Call 617-494-1619

4 Cambridge Center

(Entrance on Ames St. or Broadway)
Questions? Call 617-225-0830

5 Cambridge Center, East Garage

(Ames St./Broadway)
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Questions? Call 617-621-3115

7 Cambridge Center, West Garage

(Ames St /Galileo Way)
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Questions? Call 617-621-3115

10 Cambridge Center, North Garage

(Binney St. off Broadway)
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Questions? Call 617-621-3115

55 Franklin St. Garage, University Park

30 minutes or less: $4
Hours: Open 24 Hours
Questions? Call 617-621-8023

Parking at MIT without a Permit

An MIT parking permit is required for all vehicles on MIT property between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

From 5:00 PM to 7:30 AM and on weekends and holidays permits are not required for MIT-affiliated people in the following lots:

  • Building WW15/350 Brookline Street
  • Building W91/Audrey Street
  • Buildings 44/46 Lot
  • Building E51/Amherst Street Lot
  • Hayward Street Lot
  • 65 Waverly Street Lot
  • 600 Memorial Drive Lot

Vehicles without MIT parking permits parked during this time in any other MIT parking area will be subject to ticketing or towing.



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